Cycling Adventures

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What are Cycling Adventures?

Cycling Adventures are outreach trips through rural areas and remote places, meeting people that rarely interact with the outside world. As you visit their villages, experience their hospitality, and discover their way of life, you will have the opportunity to share His message.

through remote places

Take the challenge to ride long distances to reach distant villages. Camp on the roadside. Pass through mountains and valleys covering miles of desolate terrain and breathtaking scenery.

their way of life

Unearth some cultural gems of rural life as you see through your own eyes how the locals live. Enter their village, visit those who are rarely visited, eat their food, listen to their stories and connect with the people.

their hospitality

Away from the rush of the big cities, people in the villages are more open and have time to talk. They won’t hesitate to pull out a stool and sit down with you in their courtyards or even invite you inside their homes for a cup of tea or even a meal.

His message

Encounter people that rarely have a chance to hear the good news. Will you be the first to intercede for them? Will you be the first to tell them about Jesus? It’s highly likely.

Join us

Cycling adventures are designed for groups of about 10 to 30 people,
including support staff, translators and bike leaders.
You can join in these ways:


Join with your family for one of our regular trips. You can bring young children as long as you are confident in biking with them. We have baby seats for children as young as 9 months, back seats for ages 2-5, trailer bikes for ages 6-9 and junior bikes for pre-teens.


You can join individually any of our regular trips. If you speak English and Cantonese or Mandarin, you could also participate as a volunteer translator and help out with teams that are coming from overseas.


Your team can be very diverse: from 10 to 25 people, from a youth group to families or a combination of both, coming from a home church or a ministry. You can join a regular trip or plan your own by either following one of our recommendations or customising it in a way that best suits your needs.

Join a Trip

Regular trips are happening during the Chinese New Year season, Easter season and in summer.

Plan a Trip

We are prepared to facilitate your team year round. We have bikes and equipment just waiting for riders in Asia.

Families Team

Youth and adults Team

Experienced / Advanced

Customize it to fit your team


from 3 to 10 days

Team Size

from 10 to 28 people

Level / Terrain

from Easy paved roads to tough off-roads in mountains and valleys


from 10km/day to 50 km/day


from rural areas nearby cities to remote villages in the mountains


from city hotels, to small town guest houses or camping outdoors

Support Vehicles

with accompanying lorry and passenger bus or with just bikes and bike bags


All year round


Read some of the stories and experiences of teams that have participated in Cycling Adventures

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