Discipleship Training School

Grow in intimacy with God. Discover more of your purpose in Him. Put your faith into action.

What is a DTS?

A Discipleship Training School is five months of personally experiencing God and living the adventure of taking His message to the nations. Apply the truth of God to life and be further equipped to fulfil your purpose. It’s an intense, full-time program integrated into a live-learn environment consisting of two parts – lecture phase and outreach phase.

Sep 30, 2024 to Feb 14, 2025

Encounter God

The DTS is not just about developing head knowledge, but heart knowledge as you grow closer to God. The DTS is a great opportunity to get away from the noise and distractions of life and set aside time to consider your calling and engage with God’s heart for you and the world around you.

Experience Hong Kong

Live and learn in one of the most vibrant and dynamic urban centres of the globe. diverse blend of multiple cultures condensed into one of the busiest port cities of the planet where East meets West. Hong Kong: Gateway to China and the world.

Be a part of changing nations

During your DTS you will have the opportunity to feel God’s heart for the lost and be a part of gathering, equipping and mobilizing the church to reach out to them, through strategic Gateway cities. Your DTS outreaches are strategically planned to directly tie in with achieving this mission.

Phase 1

The Lecture Phase

Start out with 12 weeks of focused, intensive discipleship in our missions community. You and your fellow students will explore a range of topics, guided by experienced local and international teachers and on-the-field missionaries. Every week will address areas related to following Jesus in life and character, personal relationship with God and missions.


Encounter God

Encounter God like never before. This is your time to personally get to know Him more and His ways.

Topics: Hearing God's Voice • Nature & Character of God • Developing a clean conscious

Experience Belonging

Explore God's ways in relationships and further find your place in His family.

Topics: Father Heart of God • Interpersonal relationships • Inner Healing

Gain Perspective

See all of life from God’s perspective. As you get to know God, you find out how He feels about the world you live in.

Topics: Worldview • Renewing of the mind • Spiritual Warfare

Discover Purpose

Discover more of your calling and start living the life that God created you for.

Topics: Missions • Evangelism • Destiny by design

Grow in Holiness

Experience freedom and security through the cross of Jesus Christ.

Topics: Repentance & Forgiveness • The Lordship of Christ • Fear of the Lord

Build a Foundation

Your prayer and worship is fuelled as you encounter God in new ways.

Topics: Living in Spiritual Authority • Intercession and prayer • Worship and Praise

Live / Learn

Activities outside the classroom

As YWAM, our approach to training is holistic - “live-learn” - recognising that learning and growth don’t just take place through lectures in a classroom, but also through serving, living in community, one-on-one discipleship, small group discussions and more.

Other essential elements of your DTS lecture phase experience include:


We love meeting with God together! You’ll have regular times of worship with your DTS, as well as with the larger YWAM Gateway community.

Prayer & Intercession

Connect with God’s heart and intentions for situations, nations, people groups and more as you and your DTS regularly pray and seek Him together.

One-on-one Discipleship

Regular times to meet with a DTS staff member, giving you opportunity to further process what God is doing, receive prayer and more.

Work Duties

Everyone, staff and student, lends a hand to keep our community functioning. This could include serving in the kitchen, helping with administration, working on property upkeep, wherever there is need and wherever your skills fit.

Small Groups

You’ll have set-aside times to meet with a smaller group from your DTS to discuss, process, encourage each other and have fun.

International community

YWAM Gateway is a multicultural, multigenerational gathering of individuals and families from many church backgrounds, committed to Christ, to the Great Commission and to each other.

Assignments & Projects

Book reports, group Bible reading and weekly journals give you more opportunity to process and apply what you are learning.


As a community, we regularly set aside time to reach out to the city of Hong Kong - the missions field at our doorstep - bringing hope to those in need.

Fun & Adventure

Outings, sports and games are all part of your DTS experience. Whether it’s playing soccer, exploring Hong Kong's natural trails or getting lost in the busy street markets and malls, we love having fun together!

Phase 2

The outreach phase

Following three months of lecture phase, your DTS will head off on a 10 week cross-cultural outreach.

Outreach teams go and serve the lost wherever they are, and share the hope of Christ in many ways: evangelism, discipleship, sports, drama, youth ministry, teaching, music, practical service, prayer, media, healthcare – we do it all.

We demonstrate the love of God to people through our lives and through the gifts that He’s given us.

Teams regularly partner with local churches and YWAM ministries to strengthen their ministry and provide for follow up discipleship. Your final week will be spent back in Hong Kong, de-briefing and being equipped to continue with everything that God has done in your life over the six months.

The Next Step

DTS is just the beginning

Your final week will be spent back in Hong Kong, de-briefing and getting ready for all God has for you next. Once you've finished DTS, you’ve got an open door into further training and ministry within YWAM both in Hong Kong and internationally. The opportunities - in YWAM and beyond - are endless. You’ll be amazed at where God can take you! (And we’d love to help you get there)

DTS - Discipleship Training School


September 30, 2024 to February 14, 2025


YWAM Gateway Ministry Center and housing – Chai Wan, Hong Kong


Applicants must be at least 18 years old or have a high school diploma.

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