Securing a permanent presence in Chai Wan, Hong Kong Island, that will enable us to develop a missional community centre, training campus and base of operations for our growing missionary force and our rapidly multiplying outreaches and programs.

Missional Community Centre

Based on these main pillars


by bringing joy to God’s heart as a lifestyle, our main calling. We also understand that Chai Wan is a “place of worship”, where many people come to worship their ancestors. Our desire, as a Christian Community, is to lift up the name of Jesus in this very place.


by being committed to obey God’s commandment to disciple His people, in the context of daily life and through formal training.


by opening the doors of this Community Centre as a “place of refuge” and a “beacon of light” and to welcome those that are broken, lonely and lost.

Family and Generations

by living and sharing the kingdom of God together. Our desire is to model a community composed of healthy families and young people where parents and children serve God together, and single people also find that sense of belonging by being mentored by mature leaders, and in turn also becoming mentors to the younger generations.


by reaching out to the neighbourhood and deepening the strategic partnerships with the local churches, providing a variety of courses (arts, music, languages, etc.) for low income families’ children, supporting social aid projects from local churches, and facilitating local outreaches (such as street evangelism).


by sharing life, not just service together. Together we eat meals, seek God, live in a variety of shared housing, and are constantly strengthened by the gifts and experiences of others. Simultaneously, we value the individual, seeking to empower and equip them, whilst recognizing their unique gifts and calling.

Training Campus

Optimising Discipleship Training and Missional Vocation Development by providing

Discipleship Training School

DTS is a five-month full-time program integrated into a live-learn environment consisting of two parts - lecture and outreach phases. Focused, intensive discipleship guided by experienced local and international teachers and on-the-field missionaries.

PCYFM School

Principles for Children, Youth and Family Ministry is a five-month full-time program. Biblical principles for human growth and development, character building, healthy family models, the linking of the generations, and a practical understanding of our faith applied to all areas of life.

UofN Degrees

Our students can obtain formal degrees accredited with the University of the Nations ‹UofN› (YWAM's Global Modular University). At present, we offer a path to Associate's and Bachelor's degrees in Youth Ministry (UofN College of Education).

Evening courses

such as the GMTC – Gateway Mission Training Course.


such as Destiny by Design, Generations of Destiny, Family Inspiration, amongst others.

Discipleship Programs

for all ages such as The Challenge Camps, Celebration Teams, Go Camps, and more.

Base of Operations

This is our home base where we have the place and the space for

Working Together

Meeting, talking face to face, sharing ideas, praying, seeking the Lord, inspiring each other and getting things done. To be able to be physically together in one place rather than just virtually connected makes a whole world of difference.

Back Office

Fully equipped for administration, logistics, communications, curriculum development, training materials production, creative media, and so much more.


For all the materials we have collected during the years from the wide variety of programs we have developed, and for storing donated furniture and items for staff housing


Staff meetings, worship, intercession, brainstorming, planning, debriefing, interviewing volunteers, vision sharing and partnering sessions, and so on!


Hosting leaders, pastors, fellow YWAMers from other locations, visiting outreach teams, volunteers, staff relatives, friends, and new faces!

Multifunctional space

Geared to receive seasonal interns and volunteers, run seasonal training courses, host partner churches meetings and wider open meetings like our monthly Community Night gathering.


Designed for having children with us so they can do homeschool, play with their toys, build with lego, have fun, watch TV, take naps and change nappies… all of this while mom and dad are working!


Cooking daily meals to feed our staff, children, students, volunteers and visiting friends every day. We are able to keep cost as low as HK$ 20 per meal… which is a huge blessing for all of our personal budgets!


We not only enjoy the blessing of eating well at a low cost, but we also save a lot of time from having to find space in busy restaurants, and we have a wonderful space for fellowship over our daily meals. Special Dinners like Love Feasts, Graduations, or Christmas Eve are a huge blessing for our Community.