Securing a permanent presence in Chai Wan, Hong Kong Island, that will enable us to develop a missional community centre, training campus and base of operations for our growing missionary force and our rapidly multiplying outreaches and programs.
Chai Wan – Hong Kong Island
ROOTED is our fundraising initiative to establish a permanent presence in Chai Wan, Hong Kong Island, for our growing missionary community.

Our goal is to raise sufficient funds to purchase and renovate our current premises. We plan to turn our 5400sq ft office into a multi-purpose space that will boost our effectiveness in our mission and empower us to serve the local community better.
Download the ROOTED brochure for an in-depth understanding of the project. From an overview of our journey, to our current local and global outreach, take a closer look at our renovation plans, partners, and where we are standing now on this project. Find out how you can support and give.
YWAM Gateway
We are a non-profit Christian organisation in Hong Kong, committed to knowing God and making Him known in every area of society. Our mission is to Gather, Equip and Mobilize believers across the nations and the generations through the strategic Gateway City of Hong Kong.

As an international mission centre, we provide year-round local and global outreach opportunities and quality training in the areas of missions, children, youth and families, character and leadership development since 2006.

Based in the Chai Wan district of Hong Kong Island, we are a multigenerational community of missionary staff and students from many nations and church backgrounds, led by Pastors Diego and Andrea Servant. We are part of the global YWAM (Youth With A Mission) family of ministries.
Our Journey
We started our journey as a small team back in 2006, subletting a few desks from another Christian ministry that accommodated us in their North Point premises, pursuing our mission primarily through the Gateway Camp and Outreaches.

Very quickly the Gateway Camp numbers multiplied to an average of one thousand and a half campers, hundreds of volunteers on site during the event, dozens of interns and volunteers seasonally in our offices, and a growing team of full time staff from Hong Kong and overseas.

We rapidly outgrew the office space, our budgets and resources and in 2010, God led us miraculously to our current facilities in Chai Wan. (Read more…)

The relocation ushered in a new season of expansion beyond the Gateway Camp into many year round programs and expressions, serving local churches in Hong Kong as well as the mainland, and conducting many outreaches into different parts of the world.

What started with a small team focused on one project evolved into and continues to grow as a vibrant YWAM missionary community.

Our current YWAM base is made of the premises we rent for the ministry center and the housing flats for our staff in the neighborhood.

After praying for a while about the future long term development of the ministry, we believe that the next step to support the growth that will come in this season, is to do our part to be fully established and rooted in Chai Wan, by purchasing our first facility.

Our current facility is well suited for us, it's well located, and holds great potential for further development. Owning it will enable us to improve it, maximise its use, and reinvest the financial resources that would otherwise be spent on rent, in growing expansion needs like housing for staff and students.

We believe this facility is not an end in itself, but is the first of those that we will acquire through the coming years as we continue to grow into a fully fledged missional community centre, training campus and base of operations.
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