Our Journey


First Gateway Camp in HK Baptist University (250 attendees)


Gateway Camp moved to Lingnan University (1500 attendees)


Gateway office moved to Chai Wan


First Family Cycling Adventure HK Team sent to East Asia


First Hong Kong Outreach team sent to West Africa


First Discipleship Training School (DTS) / Rebranding to YWAM Gateway


Started partnering with local churches in Chai Wan and running outreaches to minority children


ROOTED Vision casting


Launched degrees accredited with the University of the Nations ‹UofN›


Coronavirus Crisis Response (sanitisers and mask distribution to groups at risk in Chai Wan)


Launched "Not Ignored" local outreach to people in need on the streets of Chai Wan

We started our journey as a small team back in 2006, subletting a few desks from another Christian ministry that accommodated us in their North Point premises, pursuing our mission primarily through the Gateway Camp and Outreaches.

Very quickly the Gateway Camp numbers multiplied to an average of one thousand and a half campers, hundreds of volunteers on site during the event, dozens of interns and volunteers seasonally in our offices, and a growing team of full time staff from Hong Kong and overseas.

We rapidly outgrew the office space, our budgets and resources and in 2010, God led us miraculously to our current facilities in Chai Wan.

The relocation ushered in a new season of expansion beyond the Gateway Camp into many year round programs and expressions, serving local churches in Hong Kong, and conducting many outreaches into different parts of the world.

What started with a small team focused on one project evolved into and continues to grow as a vibrant YWAM missionary community.

Our current YWAM base is made of the premises we rent for the ministry center and the housing flats for our staff in the neighborhood.

After praying for a while about the future long term development of the ministry, we believe that the next step to support the growth that will come in this season, is to do our part to be fully established and rooted in Chai Wan, by purchasing our current premises.

A word from our base leader...

This past month of July 2021, I had the privilege of not only celebrating my 43rd birthday but also the 16th anniversary of my first trip to Hong Kong, exploring the idea of pioneering Gateway and moving with my family to this city as full-time missionaries.

As I look back on my personal journey and that of YWAM Gateway, I am truly thankful and encouraged by the amazing work that God has accomplished through this ministry. By His grace, we have been equipping and ministering to literally thousands of believers and hundreds of local churches through our programs.

It has been fascinating to witness His goodness and faithfulness since we started our first Gateway Camp in Hong Kong Baptist University back in 2006 and how we evolved into a vibrant YWAM missionary community in the past 15 years.

It’s been truly a privilege to see my two children grow from babies to teenagers in such a dynamic, vibrant missional community of faith.

Our vision has always been “bringing all generations to know God, bring Him joy, and make Him and His Kingdom known to all peoples.” Apart from equipping and mobilising youth literally from all over the world, God has called us to sow in local missions. Since 2010, the Lord has led us to establish our base in the heart of Chai Wan. For the past 11 years, we have had the privilege to work with many local churches in the neighbourhood. By providing training and doing outreaches together, we minister to the poor, advance God’s Kingdom, and bring His presence to Chai Wan.

Chai Wan is our home. This year YWAM Gateway is about to see the completion of another exciting chapter in this journey of becoming ROOTED here. We plan to turn our 5400sq ft office into a multi-purpose space that will boost our effectiveness in our mission and empower us to serve the local community better.

Despite all the challenges with social unrest and Covid we have been facing in the past two years, YWAM Gateway is not just surviving but thriving with God’s abundant provision and fulfilling the greater purpose of our mission.

As we’re crossing the finish line, we need your support more than ever. We want to invite you to walk with us in this faith journey as we are making this final push. Please take a few minutes to read through the vision and pray for God’s guidance on how you should be involved and to pray for the “ROOTED” project.

Thank you for partnering with us in fulfilling the Great Commission!

Pastor Diego Servant
Executive Director