A video journey with Dale Kauffman which provides an opportunity to consider key biblically based principles and strategies that have proven to be effective in caring for, reaching, equipping, and mobilizing many children, youth, and families into God’s loving purposes. This has taken place in over 120 nations during the past 35 years as parents, children’s workers, youth leaders, church and community leaders have applied these principles, through the working of the Holy Spirit, in their lives and ministries.

The Speaker
Pastor Dale Kauffman is the Founder and President of King’s Kids International (KKI).
Dale and his wife Carol were both born to missionary parents in China and are continuing a blessed multigenerational spiritual legacy by serving the “Emerging Generations”.
Dale pastored in California before becoming an international, interdenominational, missions oriented pastor and ministry leader.
With the help of their four gifted children and hundreds of ministry partners, they have been instrumental in training many leaders and helping to develop numerous ongoing ministries amongst children, youth and families.
They have done this by investing their lives in growing networks of Churches, Schools and Community Service Entities, over the past 35 years. These in turn are serving today into over 120 nations.
Recent Posts
Recent Posts
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