Generations Of Destiny Workshops

Generations of Destiny Workshops

Generations of Destiny Workshops are a series of studies of biblical principles and practical strategies for reaching, training and mobilizing children, youth and families into their God intended Destiny in an effective way.

Main Topics

  1. Generations of Destiny / Contending and Equipping
  2. Spiritual Capacity of Children / Heart Motivation and Discipline
  3. Personal Communication with God / Discipleship process
  4. Linking of generations and Partnering with families

G.O.D. workshops are designed to:

  • Kindle fresh passion for God and His plans for the “Emerging Generations”.
  • Recognize what He is doing amongst our children, youth and families today and consider practical ways to join Him in fulfilling His plans for them.
  • Impart biblical principles and practical strategies that are foundational to effective children and youth ministry in the context of home, church and community.
  • Nurture Christ-like heart motivation and example, strengthen the participant’s capacity to relate meaningfully with those they are serving.
  • Encourage definition and planning in next steps of life and ministry development.

Participants will be able to process the meaning and application of each topic in the context of small groups comprised of persons who have similar interests and responsibilities.

We want to see each participant becoming more effective in leading children, youth and their families into a more intimate relationship with God and a lifestyle of loving, trusting and obeying Him… becoming Generations of Destiny.