July 2021 Update

Warm greetings from the YWAM Gateway team! We hope this short update finds you and your family well.
Our hearts are full of gratitude for all the doors the Lord has opened for us in this past season and for the birth of new ministries.
Rejoice with us as you read this update.

Baking Classes and Football Training for Pakistani Kids

Our team has been working in partnership with a Christian organization in Chai Wan that serves ethnic minorities, most of them come from a Muslim background.
We provided baking classes for several families as well as football training sessions for children and teenagers.
We will continue with football training throughout the summer.

Destiny by Design Workshops

We taught Destiny by Design via Zoom to an amazing group of young people from a YWAM Centre in the UK.
They all were very encouraged and inspired by God as they heard the different teachings.


Busking - Street Evangelism

We recently started a new initiative and it is to bring the Gospel to the streets of Hong Kong by doing busking in strategic places. We have been in TST and Stanley singing worship songs and praying for people.
Many people have been touched by the songs and the prayers and we have even become friends with some of them. Their hearts are so open to know more about Jesus.

Living Room Sessions

Our YWAM Gateway worship team recently recorded two new Cantonese songs. This time we invited some dear friends and partners to participate in the recording.
How amazing it is to partner with other local singers and musicians to bless our city!
Check out the videos on Youtube and the songs on Spotify!

Mercy Ministry

Some months ago God spoke to our team about caring for the needy and the poor in our Chai Wan district, specially cardboard collectors.

Three months ago we started a new initiative to bless the underprivileged in our neighborhood by distributing face masks, bread and water to more than 100 cardboard collectors, street cleaners and elderly people in need, once a week.

We do the distribution every Thursday morning at 6:30 am and 9:30 am in different parts of Chai Wan.

We are also partnering with several local churches from our district by supporting their food distribution programs in their venues.

Some local pastors are very encouraged by the work our team is doing. They mentioned that YWAM Gateway is the only party who is at the moment reaching out to cardboard collectors.
What an honor to bless these dear people!

Discovery English Camp

Our team was invited by a local Christian secondary school to run an English Camp.
The camp was over a week, during the mornings and we had over 120 students.
They enjoyed fun learning activities such as: drama, sport, team building, baking and arts, and also teachings about “discovering who God is”. Every day we taught a different aspect of God’s character: God is love, friend, creative, good and wise.
On the last day we made an altar call and many students raised their hands inviting Jesus into their hearts!


ROOTED is our fundraising initiative to establish a permanent presence in Chai Wan, Hong Kong Island, for our growing missionary community.
The objective is to raise sufficient funds to purchase and renovate our current premises, we plan to turn our 5400sq ft office into a multi-purpose space to strengthen our mission work and serve the local community better.
Would you like to hear more about ROOTED?
Would like to be part by praying and giving?

Prayer Points

  • For ROOTED. Pray for the fundraising efforts (connection with donors, vision sharing and other events).
  • For mercy ministry. Pray with us for the people we are serving every week. Also for more volunteers and people willing to support this ministry by donating financially.
  • For Destiny by Design Camp for Preteens: We were invited by 4 different churches (local and international) to run this camp during the summer! We are expecting to reach out and to equip over 150 preteens altogether! May their lives be impacted by God and receive a glimpse of His amazing purpose for them. May God’s truth break the power of any lie they heard about themselves, so that they can see who they really are in God!

We are very grateful for your friendship, prayers, care, and support through the seasons.
What a privilege to be together in fulfilling the Great Commission!

On behalf of everybody at YWAM Gateway,

Ps. Diego and Andrea Servant

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