GPS Outreach Testimonies: Youth Cycling Adventure 2015

After the Gateway GPS camp, a group of 17 young people went on a cycling adventure for four days in China. Dina from our Gateway staff was one of the team leaders and this is what she wrote:

DinaAs soon as we mounted the bikes our hearts began to beat faster. We sensed that something great would come as the nations joined together to share the good news of salvation. We were a team of 17 people from 10 different nations from all over the world and half of which were teenagers.

150725 123621 1 Youth Bike TripAs we were preparing for each day, God spoke to us about small and certain details of what was ahead of us. One of them was the word “Landlord” which linked to the impression we received that we should interseed continually throughout the whole day. We had no clue about the spiritual meaning of this word. We passed many villages as we rode for hours to find one to enter and preach but we couldn’t find one suitable so instead we stopped to pray and interceed. We began to ask the Lord what He was trying to teach us through this and in that moment He reminded us about the fact that He wanted us to declare and proclaim that the land and all the territories we passed through belonged to Him: The Landlord.

We couldn’t find some of the villages directed by our GPS which made us a little confused. God reminded us that it is not about the number of the villages we reach but about finding the right person in the right moment. We understood this when we arrived into a small village later on.

150726 123550 9 Youth Bike TripThe people there welcomed us and invited us to eat summer melon with them. It was great sharing and laughing with them while they explained to us about the process of the harvest. As we started to eat and share a group of grandmothers surrounded us and we started telling the awesome story of Jesus at the cross. Unexpectedly, a man around 30 years old came over to us and the grandmothers became hesitant and moved away a little. We felt that this guy, somehow, had great authority. He snatched the book rudely from the hand of one of the ladies and he started to read it. A few minutes later, without paying attention to us, he left.

Nevertheless, what happened with that guy didn’t stop us. We continued further and we kept looking for any open door so that we could go and share. It was difficult as it seemed that the village was almost empty. Suddenly, we saw the rude man walking through the alleyways reading the book! We followed him keeping our distance and we saw that he was really focused on it. We approached him carefully and we asked him, “Could you take a picture with us please?” He replied to us a little abruptly, “Quick, I am so busy reading this!”. Later on, one of the grandmothers told us that this guy was the son of the head of the village and he was the person who was most interested to know about God! He was the right person in the right moment.

150725 123418 7 Youth Bike TripWhile some of us were with this guy, another team went to share the gospel with a bunch of workers that were building a wooden bridge. They invited them to help so they took the opportunity to preach to them while they were working but they realized that the people in this village did not speak typical Cantonese but they spoke a dialect. Feeling a little discouraged, being unable to preach, they assumed that God only wanted them to help build but suddenly one of the ladies of our team cried: They are speaking in my mother dialect!. As we preached God spoke to their hearts about the spiritual meaning of the bridge and how he wanted to bring salvation through Jesus that day, who is, the bridge between God and us. One of the young men from our team said: “I never thought of coming to China to build a bridge!”

It seemed that these were not the only miracles. Once we gathered together we realized that other teams reached the head of the village too without knowing it. They told us that there was a lady that welcomed the team when they immediately entered the village. She accepted Jesus with such a joy and kept asking deep questions about heaven and God the Father. They gave her a Bible (knowing that she was able to read), a small book about the salvation’s plan and a tiny cross. She was so impressed and happy about the things they were explaining to her. Later on another lady told them, whilst pointing to the original lady, that she was the smartest person in the village and that is why she was the head of them. God led us to the head of the village once again!

In another village some of us got the impression about preaching to the children. They obeyed and went to play and telling them Bible stories. One of the children asked for the book they were holding and started to read it by himself. He finished the all book and unexpectedly said: “I do! I want to accept Jesus! What should I do?!” The lady who approached him was really shocked. She did not even have to start preaching! She put her hands over the boy and she started to feel really unwell, she suddenly felt strong back pain and could barely pray. Immediately, God spoke to her: “He is going to be the one that leads this village that is why the devil is so unhappy.” Once they finished the prayer, the boy’s grandmother asked to receive the same that her grandson had received and in that moment she also accepted Jesus.

150726 172833 6 Youth Bike TripWe ended by praising God for the things He did in us and through us in these days and we recognized the power that is available when willing hearts are ready to go. God had prepared the hearts of the villagers even before we went. We experienced that when in one of the villages He provided food for the all team, knowing beforehand that we wouldn’t be able to find any place to eat for many kilometers. Also the family that welcomed us by cooking for all of us received salvation. God is amazing!

One of the teenagers from Argentina shared his experience about the trip:

“God showed me through this bike trip what it means to leave behind everything for missions. He showed me His love for the nations represented in every single person that we were able to preach to and He gave me the opportunity of being a bridge between those people and Him”.
- Nicolás from Argentina