GPS Outreach Testimonies: Families Cycling Adventure 2014

140726 124317 2 Bike TripAfter Gateway Camp, a team of families, youth and adults went to China for a 4 day Cycling Adventure. We had 21 people from 8 countries, speaking 3 major languages (English, Spanish and Cantonese).
Nations and Generations together in a unique way!
For the first time we had the 3 generations of a family all together in a trip: from baby Ian, parents Jan and Menno, to grandpas Amy & Kenny!

Cycling Adventures are a great outreach opportunities for families and children, because it is relatively short, the leisure level of biking exercise is refreshing for most, and it’s an opportunity to put into practise what you learn about missions from the camp and sharing God with others.

Every morning we had team devotional time to start the day, then we would bike on the road, visit villages and chat with locals, share faith and love from God. We have wonderful times of fellowship over snacks/meal time. Very simple, yet very effective outreach.

These are some highlights of the trip:

This is the first time I join a bike trip. The thing is: I don’t know how to bike. I joined because of what our trip leader said, "It is not about the biking, it’s about the stopping." The Lord confirmed to me that knowing how to bike or not is not the most important thing, but to obey Him in stepping out, joining others in serving Him, and going out to share the gospel.
- Amy from Hong Kong

The Lord has confirmed to some of us the long term calling for China, the love God has for the Chinese peoples, and the urgency to share and disciple them through this trip.
- Gabriel from Argentina & Tim from Hong Kong

140726 180525 9 Bike TripThe blessing of having the leadership carried by a team instead of an individual, it makes all details very smooth and the jobs of the people helping very easy and simple. We have always tried to model the team leadership in outreaches and it was a successful experience on this bike trip.
- Jan from Hong Kong

It was in an interesting team, translation is always going on. (Chinese to English, English to Spanish, and vice versa). But the Lord has used her team to reach out and interact with locals in ways that languages and cultures are not barriers, even though sometimes it might seem challenging.
- Dove from Hong Kong

140725 180345 4 Bike TripOne afternoon as we were biking through a small path leading into a hill, we thought we hit a dead end. But right there by the end of the path there were a few little houses and we came across a family from a minority group in China. They moved to the area because of jobs; Their home was really out of the way. Yet, the Lord led us to them, shared with them and had a great time. We were so thankful for unexpectedly meeting representatives of an unreached peoples group.
- Diego from Hong Kong/Argentina

So many stories to tell! This just one of them, written by Jan from Hong Kong.

140725 115235 0 Bike TripThe Lord confronted me on the second morning of the bike trip. The harvest is white; it's ready for harvest.
Our team of families and some young people biked into this village surrounded by some fields. It is not particularly easy to access by cars, but we chose to go into this small path to check it out.
My husband and I were just looking around and wondering which way we should go to "explore" this village, a lovely lady, I guess in her late 30s, came to the door of her house and greeted us. Her house is right next to the place we parked the bikes. "It is so hot, what are you guys doing here?" Most of these villages don't get a lot of visitors, let alone tourists.
We started a chat, she insisted to have us sit down in her home. It was a rather clean and bright home. She turned on the electric fan and boil some water for us. A couple more of our team members came in too. I saw there was an altar in her living room so I asked her what she worshipped. They worshipped their ancestors. She said, we do that here, it is our tradition. I told her we worshipped Jesus.
She needed to go get some water in the kitchen. I hesitated. I have expected different responses from this lady, but what I didn't expect was this simple openness to hear more about Jesus. My teammate encouraged me to just share the gospel with her. I shared with her when she came back to sit down with us. Every time I paused, I saw this look in her eyes that seems to say "tell me more". She didn't side track to ask other questions, but paying attention to me and the small book I was sharing from. She accepted Christ, and we shared a bit more about how to grow in the understanding and relationship with Jesus.
140725 120101 8 Bike TripBefore we left she thanked us and said, "Today is so wonderful. I am so happy you come to share with me this." She was genuinely happy and wasn't just saying this out of politeness. I have just experienced a spiritual hunger for God and the good news. And I have just witnessed the joy from a person finding new life and new hope in Jesus.
The Lord impressed on my heart that there are so many people READY to hear the gospel the first time and believe. As you are reading this short story, I believe The Lord is inviting you to be his channel to spread his love and his good news, to go and invite his darlings to "come home".
- Jan from Hong Kong