GPS Outreach Testimonies: Families Cycling Adventure 2015

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After the Gateway GPS Camp, a team of families and youth went to China for a five day cycling adventure. Altogether, we were seven families and seven singles, ranging from eight months old to over 50, from seven different countries and speaking three major languages (English, Spanish and Cantonese). Wow, what a diverse team of nations and generations serving together in a unique way!

150727 130458 3 Families Bike TripEach morning, we separated time to worship and seek God collectively as a team. Very often we would receive from the Lord different impressions, sometimes it would be a picture of a person we were going to meet on that day, sometimes it was something we had to pray for or other times it could be a landmark that would help us navigate as we biked.

Every time we’ve had the opportunity to go on outreach, there’s always a sense of privilege to be able to partner with God. Our God is real and alive, He speaks everyday and He cares for what we go through. Here are a couple of stories of what happened on this trip.

Freedom in Jesus

- by Jan Stoelwinder-Chan

JanIn one village we didn’t have many deep conversations and we began to talk to an old man who had worked in the Netherlands for many years. He wasn’t interested in talking about anything else but the Netherlands and had no interest in faith at all. However, he helped us by introducing us to whoever was passing by his house and it was there that we met a really friendly lady.

150725 181656 1 Families Bike TripAfter chatting for a while, I had the impression to give her one of our bracelets. The bracelets have five coloured beads which represent what we believe. As we explained to her, she said she also believed in God and that she had already been to heaven. I told her if you want to worship God, you should worship the greatest one, Jesus! I asked if I could pray for her and she agreed but as we began she started to have hiccups and then she sang a song really loudly in her own dialect. This continued for a few minutes and we wondered what I to do next so I asked for some prayer backup and along came my friend Harold.

As she gained consciousness we asked her what happened. She worshipped many false gods and often the spirits would take over giving her non-stop hiccups and evoking loud singing in the middle of the night. Embarrassingly, it sometimes happened during the day in public. She would also receive visitations from her dead daughter at night and which were very disturbing, leaving her unable sleep. She expressed that all these things were so annoying and she didn't know how to be free from them.
We explained to her that only Jesus can free her from all these disturbing and embarrassing things but the even greater news is that Jesus wants to live in her heart and give her peace. After explaining the gospel to her, we asked if she wanted to follow Jesus, she agreed with a big smile on her face. We prayed for freedom from all kinds of manifestations of evil spirits and afterwards she said she felt so much peace.

We went on to share with her the importance of telling others about Jesus. She then became really excited and said she knew many others in her village and other villages nearby who also had similar "problems" as her and that she wanted to tell them about Jesus!

The old lady in the purple shirt with black dots

- by Diego Servant

DiegoOne morning we were praying in the bus for the village we would go to next, my son Agustin (10 years old) received an impression from the Lord that we would meet a lady in purple shirt with black dots.

150726 131303 2 Families Bike TripAs soon as we arrived at the village, we split into small groups and Agustin eagerly dashed onwards whilst hurrying us to walk faster because he was desperate to find that lady. As we walked fast, we saw the lady from afar and she had just come out of her house to do some cleaning. We thanked the Lord for His perfect timing, if we would arrive 10 minutes before or after we wouldn't be able to meet her as she only came out for a short while!

150727 125001 5 Families Bike TripWe started a conversation with her and very soon we discovered she was concerned with her eyesight. She was rather old and she couldn't see very well. We asked if we could pray for her. We thought God would heal her and we could continue to preach the gospel. However, nothing happened after we prayed, she didn't get healed. However she did experience peace after we prayed and my wife Andrea suggested we continue sharing the gospel. At the end she gave her heart to the Lord after hearing what we shared.

As we left her and were walking back to where the bikes were, we talked and wondered about why God didn't heal her at that moment. A verse came to me saying that "Blessed are the ones who believe without seeing". It was very true with this lady's story. She believed without seeing a miracle from God, how blessed she is. We rejoiced together even though she didn't see better with her physical eyes but she now she sees with her spiritual eyes and has eternal life!

Then as we were waiting for the other groups to return, we could see from a distance how she was really excited and she started telling other folks in the village about what we shared with her. Then she went to a group of about six or seven older folks that were sitting by a tree and started to talk with them, she then invited us to go over to tell them the good news. It was amazing how the Lord was already using her to reach out to others as she opened the door for us to share with this group as well.

When we left we kept praying that God would continue to use her to share with the rest of the village.