GPS Outreach Testimonies: Celebration Team

140725 151416 8 Celebration Team OutreachAfter Gateway Camp our Celebration Team, a group of volunteers, the team from Argentina, and a group of pastors from ICA stayed in Tuen Mun for a local outreach. Also the pastor from the Nepali church (where most of our CT members come from) and some parents joined the outreach.

Those were 5 very special days, where God impacted our lives as we sought Him in intercession and shared the Good News on the streets.
For most of them, it was the first time to join an outreach and share the Gospel in public places. What an amazing experience it was!
On the first two days we focused on preparing our hearts and learning choreographies and dramas for the outreach.

We had the privilege of having Pastor Dale Kauffman (KKI founder/president), Pastor Martha Rodriguez and Pastor Walter Luna (KKI Argentina). Their messages were very inspiring, especially for us, as this was our very first Celebration Team Outreach.

On the next three days, partnering with Grace Church and local churches in the area, we shared the Gospel in parks, elderly homes and mentally handicapped centers. The last day we hosted an evangelistic Carnival in Tuen Mun. It was a wonderful opportunity to share the Gospel with hundreds of people!

But the highlight for us was what God did in the hearts of our children and young people.
Every morning we spent time hearing the voice of God, and asking Him about "how we could bring joy to His heart during the day." The Lord spoke to each one of us in many ways. Several times He shared specific things regarding people we would encounter in the afternoon during the outreach. Sure enough, we came across them!
For example, one of the girls saw a picture of a man wearing a T-shirt with the word "Forever". Later that afternoon we came across a man with a T-shirt with the word "Forever" written on it and witnessed to him!

We are very grateful for all God did during our fist Celebration Team Outreach.