This series covers essential topics that will help to set a foundational common ground of biblical principles for your life.

The material provided is made up of 8 teachings, each of them including:

  • Video teaching (30 to 45 minutes)
  • Teaching notes
  • Supporting Powerpoint presentation
  • Worksheet for participants
  • Evaluation sheet for leaders
Tuning into God's Heart


Pastor Dale Kauffman introduces the series and gives a birds-eye-view of each one of the sessions

Tuning into God's Heart

1. Living tuned to God’s Heart

Learning how to live like Jesus, loving radically and walking humbly in truth, in order to stand firm in faith and be an effective witness in the midst of these challenging times of fear, deception and opposition.

Tuning into God's Heart

2. Becoming a friend of God

Progressing from being a servant of God to becoming one of His closest friends; one who can be trusted with the secrets of His heart.

Tuning into God's Heart

3. Discovering God’s character

Beyond knowing and being thankful for what God has done for us, awaits the exciting treasure of discovering who He really is. Knowing God in His character and learning to trust Him in everything is the foundation of our relationship with Him and at the heart of all of life.

Tuning into God's Heart

4. Understanding my identity and value

Only God as the great I AM truly knows who He is and only He can accurately tell me who I am and how much value I have. Meditating on His opinion about me is the way to freedom, healing and fruitfulness in Him.

Tuning into God's Heart

7. Linking the generations

Our relationships to those older and younger than us is God’s main plan to reveal Himself, to impart His blessings, and to see His will done on earth as it is in heaven.

Tuning into God's Heart

8. Stepping out with God

God invites us to join with Him in what He is doing and not just to do things for Him. He prepares things in advance for us and forms our lives like a key that in His hands unlocks the hearts of those He leads us to. There is no greater privilege and fulfillment than to bring joy to His heart through being a part of fulfilling His dreams.

The Speaker
Pastor Dale Kauffman is the Founder and President of King’s Kids International (KKI).
Dale and his wife Carol were both born to missionary parents in China and are continuing a blessed multigenerational spiritual legacy by serving the “Emerging Generations”.
Dale pastored in California before becoming an international, interdenominational, missions oriented pastor and ministry leader.
With the help of their four gifted children and hundreds of ministry partners, they have been instrumental in training many leaders and helping to develop numerous ongoing ministries amongst children, youth and families.
They have done this by investing their lives in growing networks of Churches, Schools and Community Service Entities, over the past 35 years. These in turn are serving today into over 120 nations.
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