RECAP 01 The Unshakable Kingdom

In the opening rally, Pastor Dale Kauffman shared with us about “The Unshakable Kingdom” and what it means to live a kingdom lifestyle.

RECAP 02 The Kingdom Worldview

In our second rally, Eng Hoe Lim showed us the 3 main worldviews and the general beliefs behind them. He also helped us understand more about the church’s role in each sphere of life.

RECAP 03 A life worthy of His calling

In order to fulfil the specific calling God has for each of us, we need to live a life worthy of His calling. In this rally, Pastor Andrew Gardener helped us understand how we can do just that from a biblical perspective.


RECAP 04 Generations working together

How do the Biological family and the Spiritual family join together to serve God’s purposes? What does it really mean to have an authentic Kingdom Lifestyle? Pastor Dale Kauffman took us deeper into these things as he shared about Generations working together.

RECAP 05 Father make us One

One of the core values in Gateway G.P.S. is partnering. We need to do things together; we need each other. Dr. Ron Boehme helped us to discover more about how we can be united as one church and body in spite of our differences.

RECAP 06 God’s Waves of Salvation

We are living in an incredible time in the history of the Kingdom of God. We are standing on the shoulders of those who have gone before us. In order to understand how we got to this point, Dr. Ron Boehme took us on a trip through time to learn from the example of the heroes of faith who have preceded us.

RECAP 07 The Fourth Wave

It’s a privilege to be alive today. We have the opportunity of participating in what may be the next – possibly even the biggest – wave of missions. Dr. Ron Boehme shares with us about the different aspects of this new wave and how we can be a part of this amazing time in history.

RECAP 08 As You Sent Me, I Send Them

Why should we go? What is the reason? What should our motivation be? We had a very impacting morning when Ps. Dale Kauffman shared with us about the example that Jesus has set for us. We looked at 3 key aspects of how Jesus was sent, as well as the greatness of God’s heart and His love for us.

RECAP 09 You Shall Receive Power

Our final night was about receiving the power that enables us to go. Dr. Ron Boehme helped us understand more about the person of the Holy Spirit. We considered how the Holy Spirit works through us to reach others and further God’s kingdom in this world.

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