Gateway GPS (GO- Partner-Serve) is a summer program consisting of Training, a Camp and Outreaches.
It’s designed to gather together believers from Hong Kong, China, and all over the world to encounter God, get to know one another, be inspired and equipped, partner and Go together to reach out to the lost by getting involved in short-term mission trips.

Gateway GPS attracts about 1,400 children, youth, adults and families speaking 20+ different languages from 40+ countries of the world to Hong Kong each year.
Outreach teams are sent to China, neighboring nations, and overseas countries in increasing numbers.

While in the short-term there will be an obvious impact in the lives of those people and communities that will be reached out with the gospel, the fruit in the heart of the participants will last long as they will have a hands-on opportunity to understand God’s heart for the lost.

As their hearts are awakened, they will in turn become a blessing to their churches and fellowships when they go back home.