Family Team Adventures

“Family Team Adventures” (FTA) are series of programs and activities geared towards building and strengthening healthy families, so that they would step out in faith with God in life adventures of faith, taking steps together as a team.

FTA Weekend

A fun, energizing overnight get away for busy Christian families who want to:

  • Enjoy an outing that is refreshing and meaningful for every family member.
  • Strengthen their relationships with God and each other.
  • Expand their capacity to receive and pass on God’s blessings in the midst of their busy daily schedules.
  • Develop better marriage and family team work.
  • Consider ways to bring greater balance, sustainable growth and fruitfulness into their marriage and family lifestyle.
  • Dream and plan towards joining with God in a future Family Adventure that will bless Him and others.

The main themes include “Families Blessed to Bless”, “Family Team Building” and “Adventures with God”.

  • These themes are processed in separate age groups and also combined activities.

FTA Pass The Ball Workshop

A follow up to the FTA weekend, participants come back together for an afternoon of debriefing and evaluation of the things learned and implemented after the FTAW, followed up by further teaching.

The teachings are fun and dynamic, based on practical analogies from sports and soccer. In order to become a “winning team” each member needs to understand the team game plan, their own talents and skill, their position on the field and when to “pass the ball” to a fellow team mate.

The focus is on learning how to actively honor and encourage each family member’s input and participation into the daily lifestyle of the family.

FTA Camp

The FTA camps are usually 4 days long. They are an extended version, where concepts of the of the FTA Weekend and FTA Pass the ball Workshop are revisited, and expanded further.

The program is focused on four main aspects of a family’s interests and needs:

  1. Entertainment
  2. Restoration
  3. Strengthening
  4. Mobilizing

These are some of the testimonies of families that have been involved in different activities of Family Team Adventures.