Training workshops in China

150128-China-Training-Workshops-(b)Our staff came back from a wonderful time of training with a local church in Mainland China in early January.

Over a weekend we run an adapted version of the G.O.D. workshops, we had a short activity from F.T.A. (Family Team Adventures) for the families, and we shared about missions, touching a bit on what we do at G.P.S.
We thought the attendees where going to be more segmented by interest, but in the end almost everybody came to all the sessions, so it was a wonderful privilege to be with the entire church family through the weekend.

These are some of the things that the participants have said:

“It’s a great wakeup call for us to understand that our children are not the church of tomorrow, but they are a vital part of the church today, so our perspective has changed forever.”

“I have a clearer sense about the kingdom of God after this training. I have been following the world’s way of how to invest in my children, focusing just on their education and academic performance. I have neglected that they have a capacity for the spiritual things (because I thought they were to young). Yesterday I had a breakthrough with my daughter and we prayed together for the first time, and she felt that she has been released to grow in her relationship with God.”

“For us as parents the greatest blessing is to see changes in our children. During a prayer activity in Sunday school, my daughter got a card to pray for all the “widows”. But what deeply impacted me is that when she went to bed last night she remembered to pray again for all the widows! I wasn’t aware about the spiritual capacity of my child. Sometimes as adults we tend to just think that they are so ma fan (bothersome) and that we have to take care of them…”

“Our generation grew up thinking the children are our future, and as parents and uncles/aunties what we give to them is mostly material. We have neglected their character formation. So as a couple we want to commit ourselves to let our child really participate in our church, and to focus in his spiritual life and formation.”

“This workshop has given us a lot of inspiration in how to lead our children into a proven knowledge of God and what to do with them.”

“I’ve realized that it’s really my responsibility to take care of my child. That I shouldn’t put the blame on others when my child doesn’t behave. I have to be an example for my child.”

“The Gateway team has brought us really like living water from God through their lives, their teachings, and their testimonies…”

“My children are grown-ups now. I realize that in my heart I thought that the children are our future… So I’ve neglected some important moments to teach my children, because I thought they were too young to learn, and anyways they would eventually learn when they would grow old. I missed the opportunity. This workshop helped me reflect about this, and now I know that I have a new chance with the children in our church.”

(Location and identities have been omitted for privacy reasons)