Testimonies of the Gateway Missions Training Course 2016 (GMTC)

GMTC 2016 ClassJust before Christmas, the Gateway Missions Training Course 2016 was brought to a close after a very exciting and fulfilling three months.

We gathered together our staff and students on the last evening for a lovely homemade meal, a time of thanksgiving and worship as we heard the the stories and testimonies from the course.

It was wonderful to look back with the students to see how God has challenged them and revealed his character to them, bringing them to a place of change and a deeper relationship with him. We have such a sense of fulfillment to see them walking in their God given purpose.

Check out some of the things they said about it. The Gateway Missions Training Course will be back in 2017 starting October 4th. For more information please follow this link.

One of the things that the Lord impressed on my heart is to put kingdom principles in our lives and everywhere we go. After reading a book by Loren Cunningham I have a strong desire to be really close to God, be able to hear Him clearly and follow Him closely.
- Yuki


VinaI really learned a lot, I’m grateful for this journey of discovering my life. The most crucial thing for me was learning how to pray. I remember the class when we learned how to listen to God’s voice we closed our eyes and waited. It was such a good feeling, I’m so grateful that I had these times with you guys.
- Vina


AnnieThe course meant so much to me because I never had a class in my life which I could see myself so deeply.
I never thought I had a dream because I never dared to believe the impossible. GMTC taught me that everyone has a God given dream. Our dreams are meant for us to connect with others.
I found myself and I can see so many deep things about life clearly now.
- Annie