Investing in the Emerging Generations

Children CampsDuring October and November our team were invited by several local churches to run the children and youth programs during their annual retreats.
Our team had an amazing opportunity to minister to more than 170 children and youth from three local churches.

We worked very hard to prepare different curriculums and dynamic activities, as our desire was to prepare something that was aligned with the general program. The kids had different tracks and activities to those of their parents so our desire was to minister to them the same teachings that their parents were receiving but adapted to their age. That way they could share with their families together during the free times.

Children CampsFor example, in one of the retreats, there was a three-hour session of prayer and intercession scheduled for the adults. Of course, it would not have been easy to keep the children praying for three hours! But we know that God wants to use the children to pray and intercede, so we set up an interactive prayer room, with various stations, where the kids were able to pray for many things, such as: Unreached Peoples Groups, Bible Translation and Left Behind Children amongst others. We also created some prayer games, where the kids prayed for many things through games and dynamic activities. One of the highlights was the ‘Build and fly your own missionary sending paper aeroplane game with world map destination.’ The three hours passed by super-fast, as the kids enjoyed praying so much!

These were some of the topics we taught during these camps:

  • Hearing the voice of God
  • Changing the world through intercessory prayer
  • The Father Heart of God
  • Bringing joy to God’s heart
  • Salt and Light of the World
  • Destiny by Design (curriculum for youth)