GPS Outreach Testimonies: A man in the dark

By Jonathan Woodman

On the back of an intense season, after the Gateway GPS Camp we set off once again for a Cycling Adventure. We were tired and weary, many were ill, we had a couple of accidents and there was even a typhoon coming. Most of the people we met welcomed us but did not receive His message and some didn't welcome us at all.

So for the first few days of the trip things just didn't seem to go well. It felt like a battle but in the midst of all the challenges we heard His voice many times and walked obediently but somehow things didn't happen as we expected. However, we sensed that He was going to do something very special and we pressed on.

The last morning as we sought the Lord I received an impression of a man in the dark. I didn’t know exactly what it meant at the time if it was literal or not? I continued to talk to the Lord about it.
That afternoon we arrived in a village there were lots of different animals which my son enjoyed so much. As we looked at the pigs I caught a glance at a toddler peeking through the railings of his front gate. I greeted him and waved but he got scared and ran away quickly. I was intrigued and felt led to approach the house and as I did I felt in my heart “A man in the dark” and as we arrived at the gate instantly a man appeared.

He opened the gate and warmly invited all four of us in. He put up a table and some chairs and offered us some tea made of fresh honey from the field. The little boy was there but he hid in the shadows behind the door. My friend pointed out that the house had no light and inside was very dark, at that moment I understood the impression I’d received was literal and the man was physically in the dark.

We chatted whilst drinking tea enjoying one another's company, the boy started to open up and started to play with my son. We had fun together and as the conversation deepened I asked if he had heard about Jesus. He had not, so it was then clear that spiritually he was also a man in the dark. We presented His message to him and after telling him the good news and going through a bible tract he decided to follow Jesus. We had a wonderful time of prayer with him and presented him with a bible. We joyfully celebrated together knowing that the man who was once in the dark is now a man in the light.

We returned to the square to meet the rest of the team and it was bustling with activity of joyful interaction full of people from the village receiving His message. It was a wonderful end to our cycling adventure as we witnessed the blessing of walking in obedience to our wonderful creator, holding firm to His leading and not giving up.