GPS Outreach Testimonies: Where is the Dutchman?

After the Gateway GPS Camp 2015, a team of families and youth went to China for a five day cycling adventure. Altogether, we were seven families and seven singles, ranging from eight months old to over 50, from seven different countries and speaking three major languages (English, Spanish and Cantonese). This is one of the stories.

Where’s the Dutchman?
- by Marcel Van Noort

Cycling Adventures - MarcelIt’s very strange to be in a country, one which you’ve never been to before and someone is searching for you.
“Where’s the Dutchman?” a man asked to a fellow member of the bike trip. Apparently, he had been searching for me for a while in the village, but I was with my wife, my two daughters and a team member drinking tea with an older couple.

Families Cycling AdventureIn the morning, in another village, my daughter explained the gospel of Jesus Christ, through a beaded bracelet whilst being translated into three different languages. It was very uncommon for us to meet so many people who have never heard the Gospel before. I witnessed my daughter sharing about His love to a man, give him a tangible gift and hope and pray that one day he will choose to accept Jesus in his heart.

While we walked back to the main square, a team member approached me saying that there is a person looking for me. The boy had met me the day before in another village. Well, ‘met me’ is an exaggeration as the only thing he did was take pictures of me and ask if we could take pictures together.
He didn’t want to enter a conversation, which created a rather awkward situation, but I’m thankful I allowed it to happen as that did somehow develop a certain connection. However, at that point the connection was stronger for him than it was for me.

The boy decided to follow our group to the next village to get in touch with me again. This time he was willing to get into a conversation. He allowed us to share our heart with him and to tell him about the Kingdom of God and also to talk with him about the pictures he took of me. We encouraged him that when he looks at the pictures of us, he should remember God, who is always watching him and to know that He loves him just the way he is and that Jesus opened the way for us to have a ‘two-way’ relationship. After this, his face and heart softened and together we prayed the sinner’s prayer. He also received a bible and another booklet.

The boy reminded me about the stories in the Bible where Jesus was being followed by people from village to village to hear His words and to witness His miracles because they were impressed by who he was and what he did. This also applies to us. Maybe the things we are doing now don’t have an immediate effect and nothing seems to happen, but let's believe something is happening and hope we’ll see a change in the coming days.