GPS 2014 Coming Up soon – Registration Open!

Our Signature program GPS is coming up soon and during this season of the year you will hear a lot from it. Registration for GPS is now open!

The pre-camp training goes from May to July. We will have Training Sessions for Team Leaders in Hong Kong, a Tour of Cities in China during may, and online tools for the overseas teams.

We are anticipating another great camp in July (18-23) with about 1500 campers from Hong Kong, Mainland China and from all over the world. Some teams are coming literally from the “ends of the Earth”, like the ones that are planning to come all the way from Argentina, in South America.

We are encouraging them to get involved in one of the many outreach opportunities following up after the camp, from reaching local university students here in our city of Hong Kong with (iD International Summer Camp), in China, neighbouring nations in Asia and all the way to West Africa to plant trees in unreached communities (Planting Together - check out the promo video here).

Head now to the GPS section and find out more details about it. Don’t miss the chance to explore our photo galleries and our YouTube channel from past years.

We ask you to bear patiently with us, there is a lot of information for us to process, so some things may be still not be online on our website, but stay tuned for the updates!