Experience Hong Kong in a whole new way: Niko City Challenge

You’ve probably read nice blogs with stories about people enjoying big, beautiful cities, explaining what to do, where to eat and where to shop but how often do you hear stories about city-walkers trying to find out what God is thinking about the city?

If you haven’t, let’s start right now through the experience of 15 youth and teenagers who came all the way from South Korea to join our exciting Niko: City Challenge, and if you like it, why not go a step further and join us next time!

If you agree that Hong Kong can be a big overwhelming city raise your hand with me. Yes, it really can be. However, it’s fascinating when you change your viewpoint, see it from another angle and change your perspective. After that, you will realize what Suhun, one of our participants said:

“God loves this city but He wants it to know Him. I acknowledged who God is again, and God gave me his heart"
- Suhun

Once you do a NIKO, we promise you, you will never see Hong Kong in the same way again. It’s a fascinating city, but not because you will eat at a fancy restaurant with charming Chinese lanterns, but because through the challenges, you will find “precious pebbles” that come out from teachable moments. To maximise the experience, you will need to surrender your rights, work as a team, overcome your fears and encounter God in a practical way every single day.

In order to discover these “precious pebbles” you’ll need to be a little vulnerable and get out of your comfort zone.

“I looked at the arrogance inside of me. It was difficult when I was tired and I couldn’t eat what I wanted, couldn’t sleep well and being comfortable, but through this I realized that I couldn’t lay down myself before God.”
- Eunji

We could talk a lot more about it but doing a Niko is just like watching a good movie. We don't want to tell you everything that happens and spoil the surprise for you and ruin the story.

So just like a good trailer we’ll give you a teaser, just enough to whet the appetite. By completing every challenge, you’ll realize things that you don’t even know about yourself and about others who are taking the same risks by your side.


“I am a person who can do many things better than what I thought. I realized that the team is important and the meaning of: United we’ll stand, divided we’ll fall”
- Gayeong

“I learn that I should trust others, even though I don’t like to work with someone, God called us to be a team. I also learned that there are many styles of leadership, and there is my own style too”
- Bansuk

What we all love the most about NIKO is the amazing opportunity to break misconceptions and superficial ways of seeing the city by looking deeper and seeing it through God’s eyes! That’s definitely what will challenge you. So I ask, What would your part be in this? How can you catch the vision and start doing something really meaningful to please God and serve the city?

“I could see the influence of Christianity in this city through Jackie Pullinger and I think that there are still many people who need God’s help”
- Hyun

“I felt that the Gospel is not spread to all the people in Hong Kong. People live busy lives, without any clear purpose”

God is working in and through the city using people just like you, people available to say yes and go!

“I learned that God is transforming Hong Kong through many people and we could see that transformation. And now I realized that I can transform something from my little practice”
- Andrew

It starts by making a small change, and the small change will fan the flame of God’s love and mercy in the hearts of risk-taking people who would like to collect pebbles in the middle of the desert. God loves Hong Kong and His love can be experienced by sharing it with others, giving up ourselves and humbling our hearts to serve.

Give it a try and at the end you will see “the pebbles becoming jewels”. These are the things that made us fall in love with Niko City Challenge!