Echoes of the YWAM Together 2018 Children and Youth Tracks

YWAM TogetherYWAM Together 2018 was a gathering in Thailand for all YWAMers and alumni during early September. About 4,000 members from our global family came from over 100 different nations around the world to be refreshed, renewed, challenged, encouraged, loved and supported. And they were not disappointed! The Lord showed up and moved powerfully among us throughout the seven-day conference. (You can read more about YWAM together 2018 here or see the video highlights in youtube)

Our team had the amazing opportunity to lead the Children & Youth track. There were more than 450 children and youth joining our program and we have received a great feedback of how they experienced God through what they learned and experienced. Many of them came forward to express how they found their calling and destiny in God.
These are some of the things our volunteers, parents, children and youth shared and commented on this.

YWAM Together

I was amazed to see the presence of God was so visible in every corner of the classrooms. There was a strong feeling of a family in the classrooms throughout the whole program, and this echoed to the overall theme of the conference. Every children and youth were known to one another and was accepted by the family. I was particularly touched by seeing how other children build authentic and genuine relationships with those children who may struggle with physical/learning disabilities. These relationships are rare to be found in our society nowadays and something we should never lose through time.
– Vincent (Parent & Team Volunteer)

I have to commend your whole team on the excellent works you did with the children and youth program. My family had four kids in the program and, especially the oldest two (16 and 14) had a LIFE CHANGING experience. Our oldest signed up right away to be baptized at our church here in Bangkok. THANK YOU!
– Jeff (Parent & Conference Organizer)

YWAM TogetherWe just want to say THANK YOU for the epic way you organised the kids' program for YWAM Together. Our daughter was in the 8-11 group and was so impacted by the event and what she learned. We feel this made a genuine impression on her and appreciate how you made her feel/know that she is part of the wave (reaching to the lost). You are awesome. All of you, seriously!
– Dan (Parent)


I want to thank you for what all of the teachers shared at the youth program this week. This week we have focused on learning “Destiny by Design” which is a course to help us in finding our destiny in God. And I want to say that I found my calling and what I want to do when I grow up. I know that I will a missionary in Africa and reach out out the people there.
– 13-year-old boy