52 Days of Blessing Hong Kong

This is a united call to prayer from the churches in Hong Kong during this key season of the Chief Executive Election.

During 52 days, going from February 2 to March 25, We want to unite in prayer for Hong Kong, China and the Chief Executive Election that will be held on March 26.

You can join by either praying individually, in small groups or joining some of the scheduled meetings.

There is more information on the website https://prayforhk52.wordpress.com/ where you can find prayer guidelines and access daily prayers written by key gatekeepers to the city in the section “contents”.

On the 6th day, our base leaders had the privilege to represent YWAM and lift up a prayer for the Children of Hong Kong. You can read it following this link: https://prayforhk52.wordpress.com/2017/01/19/day-6/

Join us during this season to intercede for God's purposes to be fulfilled in the city of Hong Kong!

"The 52 days of prayer are critical in the sense that they do not only concern the future of Hong Kong and the election of the Chief Executive in our city, but also our whole nation and race, so we suggest you encourage your brothers and sisters in Christ to pass these scriptures and prayers onto as many God-loving people of Christ, church leaders and those who love our community as possible. We hope that through this Hong Kong will become a city embracing the spirit of unity, harmony and positive attitudes."
- From the 52 days of Blessing Hong Kong Website