Youth With A Mission (YWAM)

Youth With A Mission is a global movement of Christians from many cultures, age groups, and Christian traditions, committed to “Know God and Make Him Known.”

Launched in 1960 initially to give young people an opportunity to be involved in missions (an unusual idea at the time!), YWAM has since grown into a multi-generational global movement with over 1,100 operating locations in 180 nations around the world. Decentralised, but bound together by relationship, shared vision and values, our three primary modes of action are evangelism, discipleship and mercy ministry.

YWAM Gateway

YWAM Gateway is an international community called to gather, equip & mobilize believers across the generations to make Jesus and His Kingdom known, through strategic Gateway cities, in partnership with Chinese and international believers.

Our Vision is for all generations to know God, bring Him joy, and make Him and His Kingdom known to all peoples.

YWAM Gateway in Hong Kong provides year round quality training for churches in the areas of missions, children & families, youth and leadership development.
Our Story

Gateway was founded in 2006 in Hong Kong by Ps. Dale Kauffman, founder/president of King’s Kids International (KKI), a ministry of YWAM. We started as a convening missions mobilization strategy of KKI, primarily through the Gateway Camp and Outreaches and over these 10 years in Hong Kong Gateway has evolved and is continuing to grow into a vibrant YWAM missionary community.

Our signature program Gateway GPS (Go, Partner, Serve) – Training, Camp and Outreaches has been running for 11 consecutive years. We now also offer a wide variety of programs including DTS (Discipleship Training School), Celebration Teams, Niko Camps, Generations of Destiny Workshops, Family Team Adventures, Year Round Outreach opportunities for churches (like Cycling Adventures), and the Gateway Missions Training Course – GMTC, part of the extension Studies Program of the UofN.
Being Community

We are a multigenerational community of staff and students from many nations and church backgrounds, sharing life, not just service together. Together we eat meals, seek God, live in a variety of shared housing, and are constantly strengthened by the gifts and experiences of others. Simultaneously, we value the individual, seeking to empower and equip them, whilst recognizing their unique gifts and calling.

Our community is based in the Chai Wan district of Hong Kong Island.

Despite YWAM Gateway having over 10 years of ministry and training, we’re still very much a “pioneering” base! There is more God-breathed vision that has yet to be realized! And there is always room for new initiatives, new vision and further development. There is a place for you!
Pass through, pass through the gates! Prepare the way for the people. Build up, build up the highway! Remove the stones. Raise a banner for the nations. Isaiah 62:10
Pass through, pass through the gates! Prepare the way for the people. Build up, build up the highway! Remove the stones. Raise a banner for the nations. Isaiah 62:10
Gateway Cities
Gateway Cities are urban centers that are uniquely equipped and positioned to strategically support the flow of ideas, talent, cooperation (relationships) and resources from the nations through their Gateway community into China and from China out to the world.

These cities have strong historic, cultural and economic links to China: Hong Kong, Taipei, Tokyo, Seoul, Ulaanbaatar, Almaty, Bishkek, Kathmandu, Chiang Mai, Singapore, Jakarta, Manila, to name a few examples.

Because of that, they are uniquely suited to help facilitate the flow of God's presence and blessings into and from the nations and regions they are so vitally positioned to serve.
Residents of the host Gateway City are challenged to live out five aspects of being a Kingdom-minded gatekeeper who opens the gates of the heart, the home and the community to God's purposes.

These are five things that define a Gatekeeper:
1. Welcome the presence of God; to open up the gates for the King of glory to come in.
2. Unite as one body across the nations and generations.
3. Partner in worship, prayer, training, and in fellowship.
4. Serve together in Hong Kong, China and the nations. To see His life, His light fill every community.
5. Support the Chinese believers as they prepare and mobilize to be a blessing to the nations.
Gateway Cities Placeholder
Gateway Cities
At YWAM Gateway we seek to help the churches and believers in Hong Kong to understand their role as a Gatekeepers; to provide tools and opportunities for them to fully develop their calling and God-given potential.
Beyond Hong Kong
The seeds for Gateway were planted in Hong Kong during 2004 and 2005 with the first family and Gateway camps, as a further evolvement of the KKI Target World and Road Through China strategies.

Since then, inspired by the Hong Kong model, Gateway initiatives have been launched in Taiwan, Mongolia, Central Asia, Indonesia, South Africa, Armenia, the Netherlands, Brazil with other cities and nations in the process of utilizing this exciting and effective convening mobilization strategy of KKI/YWAM.

For us in Hong Kong, our signature program Gateway GPS (Go::Partner::Serve) continues to carry the legacy of the Gateway strategy.
YWAM Gateway has taken measures on multiple levels to ensure the oversight of its ministry and its endurance in faithfulness.

YWAM Gateway is part of the YWAM Global family of ministries. In Hong Kong, it is registered & incorporated as an Non Profit Organization charity operating with the auspices of the local Board of Directors, who function in co-operation with the Leadership Team of the ministry. Together they operate in accordance with the beliefs, purpose, values, and relationships of the global YWAM movement.

YWAM Gateway is staffed by local and international volunteers. It is funded by private donations and the assistance of partnering individuals, churches and ministry organizations.
YWAM Gateway is the operating name of Gateway Services Asia Limited, Registered Charitable Institution (tax exempt under s.88 of IRO) #91/8432, Incorporated in Hong Kong limited by guarantee w.e.f 24 June 2006 Certificate #1054681.
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